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Tamra Buxton

Educational Background

Graduated from Frank Phillips college 1979 with a Associate of Arts degree.  1981 graduated from West Test State University with a major in Physical Education and minor in History.  1918-82 coached and taught at Silverton, Texas and them headed to SFISD in the fall of 1982.  I have coached and taught history 7th grade history at SFISD for the last 37 years of my 38 in public education.   My assignments here have ranged   from health to 6th grade social studies to 8th grade American History with a few P.E. classes here and there.

Contact Information

You can reach me by email and my conference period is 8th period.


Class Schedule
Period Class Start End
Tutorials   7:30 7:55
1st 8th History 8:00 8:48
2nd 7th History 8:52 9:40
3rd 8th History 9:48 10:36
4th 8th History 10:40 11:28
Lunch   11:32 12:12
5th 7th History 12:16 1:04
6th 7th History 1:08 1:56
7th 8th History 2:00 2:48
8th Conference 2:52 3:40